Monday, 20 June 2016

Drawn together

'A pair of sunglasses perched on top of your hat?' Bertha mooed.

'I thought they made me look much more like a holiday maker,' Norma replied.

'But still,' Bertha continued, 'it's not a disguise of the greatest depth.'

'Perhaps we could have another look together?'

'Then you will 'ave to be tres prompt about it!' Camille interrupted. 'Ma vessel is already surrounded by ships and balloons of all shapes and sizes and young Pierre 'ere 'as just given two toots on, what I 'ave to say is, a rather poorly drawn bosun's whistle, which means that land will be ahoy at any moment.'

'Cripes!' Norma replied. 'Have we arrived already?.......................I didn't think it was that bad. You can tell it's a whistle.'

'We'll need to get organised then,' Bertha added. 'Are we agreed that we head to one of the smaller islands and try to land there and stay hidden for a while, until we can check things out?................And is that a bottle that Geraldine is supposed to be drinking from?'

'Yes,' Norma replied, 'that seems like the best plan to me........................I thought she was looking through a telescope.'

'I too am in agreement with your idea,' Camille nodded. 'I will 'ave ma little students prepare our smaller boat..........Also, I thought it was a bottle but now you mention the idea of a telescope I am not so sure.'

'Right,' Bertha continued, 'let's crack on! There's not a moment to lose........A telescope would be more appropriate, it would be most unlike Geraldine to be drinking.'

'To action then!' Norma replied and she herded off down the deck.

Only to return moments later.

'That smiley face thing in the background is a balloon isn't it?'

And Bertha and Camille assured her that it was.


Gina said... artist is usually his/her own worst critic. Takes something special to be criticised by your own art :D XXX

Armenoi said...

Gina - you said it!!!

I thought Pierre had just dislodged a fur ball but was sure that Geraldine was talking through a telescope because if it were a bottle, then there was a cork coaster stuck to the bottom (of it, not Geraldine).