Saturday, 25 June 2016

How to talk to a tree

'Gosh! It's just so good to see you,' Norma mooed.

'Likewise,' Norman replied.

'I would never have know it was you if you hadn't moved.'

'My trunk got itchy. The leaves tickle it and then, if I don't move, I end up sneezing and then the branches fall off.'

'You need to talk to Annie about being a tree, she's around here somewhere.'

'How is my old chum?'

'Hmm, she's still Annie.'

'Enough said,' Norman trumpeted.

'So, how do you come to be here?' Norma asked. 'And where is 'here'?'

'This is one of King Otto's minor islands. We were on it when it was stolen so we went into hiding. We've just been watching developments since then.'

'Is it Flossie?'

'I'm afraid so,' Norman replied. 'I didn't think we could tackle them on our own and we couldn't send for help.'

'A tricky situation.'

'And we've run out of buns.'

'A very tricky situation. I notice you've used the word 'we', so you're not on your own?'

'Well spotted! I'll take you to my fellow hidee. Walk this way.'

'If I could walk that way.....' Norma began.

But the rest of her words were carried away by a passing breeze. 


Armenoi said...

Considerate breeze, we can't have Norma lowering the tone, it wouldn't be here.

Gina said...

ooow....who else is here...not her Majesty surely? XXX