Monday, 6 June 2016

Letters be frank

'Really!' Camille exclaimed. 'Is ma life to be forever plagued by pushy parents writing letters of unjustified complaint!'

'I don't know,' Captain Bill replied, ' it?'

'Well, it appears so,' said Camille and she waved the offending epistle in his face.

'What's the problem?' Norma asked.

Camille shrugged her horns. 'This 'as just reached me and once again I am asked to justify the costs of ma mostly reasonably priced school uniforms.'

'.....................................Is there a uniform?' said Captain Bill.

'There are several versions,' Camille replied. 'Summer, autumn, a bit later in the autumn, early winter.'

'That would appear to be quite a few,' Norma suggested.

'But I 'ave already dropped the very late autumn and 23rd of August uniforms and what thanks do I get?'

'I,' Captain Bill began, 'I can't actually ever recall seeing your little students wearing a uniform.'

'And get them dirty!' Camille mooed. 'Which would only result in school uniform cleaning charges. So you see, already I make their parents a saving.'

'It must be difficult for you?' Norma said.

'I feel the burden of a martyr,' Camille replied.

'Well.....perhaps some of the other mail will be more positive,' Norma suggested.

'I 'ave ma doubts. There will be only more letters of complaint...and bills, more bills, final demands..'

'Although,' Norma interrupted, 'this looks different.'

And she picked up a brightly coloured flyer.

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Armenoi said...

An island sale, peut-ĂȘtre?