Thursday, 23 June 2016

Lipstick colours are important, Captain Bill

'Ah! There you are!'

'Indeed!' Camille replied. 'Myself and ma little students are all ashore and land shaped.'


'In just a few moments I shall be finished and we will be ready to rejoin the adventure.'

'And you are?'

' 'Doing ma face' is 'ow it is commonly referred to.'

'Right.............clearly important.'

'Of course! A lady must look 'er best at all times. And ma brave Capitaine Bile, 'ow is 'e? No doubt 'e 'as been scouting ahead for an opportunity to find wrongdoers and fight with them a duel to the death to defend the 'onour of the one 'e secretly desires?'

'Erm, not quite got that far yet,' Captain Bill replied. 'It's been more scouting in the rear areas up to now. Secure the base camp, that type of thing. You know I'm not entirely convinced about this whole pirate, stolen island, idea and I'm glad to see that you haven't fallen for this ridiculous, dressing up like a tourist notion.'

'Au contraire, I am entirely committed to the scheme. As you see I 'ave, at great personal expense, changed ma appearance as far as I dare.'


'Observe,' Camille continued, 'I 'ave changed ma lipstick from a sophisticated, lady of considerable social standing Coral Candy to a cheap, trashy, package holiday maker Candy Coral.


'You 'ad not noticed?


'You 'adn't 'ad you?'

'It's jus....'



Gina said...

O oh!...Captain Bill has made a terrible mistake me thinks XXX

Armenoi said...

Double "Oh dear!"