Thursday, 16 June 2016

Planning your next move

'I suppose we need to work out what we're going to do when we arrive,' Norma said.

'We could stampede straight towards them,' Bertha suggested. 'Tackle them head on.'

'Or we could take a more measured and considered approach,' Norma replied.

'Or you could put on some ludicrous disguises and blunder your way to success,' Camille mooed.

Bertha and Norma looked at Camille.

'Ma reply was based only on ma previous experiences of working along side you.' 

'Fair point!' Bertha replied.

'But disguises are out of the question this time,' Norma continued. 'We've run into them too many times before for that to work. They'd see straight through us. We'd have to be wearing something truly exceptional for us to stand a chance of getting away with it and we just don't have access to really good costumes.'

'Unless I put at your disposal the wardrobe which is a part of ma cruise ship's theatrical department and already I am regretting being required to speak those lines.'

'So that would explain the nurse's uniform!' Norma replied.

'What?' Bertha asked.

'Nothing,' Norma said. 'Could we go and see this wardrobe Camille?'

'I will 'ave ma little students bring them all up on deck,' Camille replied.

'And while you're waiting,' Bertha suggested, 'I'll go and see what direction we're travelling in?'

'You will be tactful won't you?' Norma asked.

'It's me,' Bertha replied.

'I know,' Norma sighed.


Gina said...

And I'd assumed Annie always carried a spare nurses outfit...just in case lol :D XXX

Armenoi said...

Once Geraldine has finished, do you think she would come and give me a hand? I have a few jobs that require a flipper or two.