Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Responsible adult behaviour

'I've not completed my diagnosis yet but Mr Sir Cyril of Itwasn'tmeguvshire may be suffering from the worst case of lackofcakeandoverexerciseitis that I've ever seen and I've seen no cases before.'

'Really?' Norma asked.

'He needs complete rest....and cake....and more rest...and then more cake, then probably some more cake followed by rest.'

'Don't forget the cake,' Cyril interjected.

'Had I?' Annie mooed. 'I must have been distracted by all this talk of......................something else.'

'Could I,' Norma began, 'just for a moment drag you back to reality and ask whether either of you are aware of our current situation?'

'I'm ill,' Cyril replied.

'And we're on holiday!' Annie added and she did a little dance.

Norma sighed one of her very deep sighs.

'As I suspect you both know all too well, Cow Island has gone missing and there's a strong suspicion that notorious pirate sheep may be involved. We are, or soon will be, on our way to try to get our home back from them. So, if at some point you could both make yourselves available to do whatever is required? It would be most appreciated.'

And with just another much smaller sigh, Norma turned and herded away.

'I like Norma Nice Person,' Annie remarked.

'She still worries too much though,' Cyril replied.

'More cake?' Annie asked.

'...................Well, why not!' said Cyril.


Gina said...

Annie is such a caring little nursey :D XXX

Armenoi said...

Is it just me, or is that moolet turning into a mini Camille, and has rather a disapproving look about it.