Saturday, 4 June 2016


'SHE LET THEM GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

'You came completely off the ground just then,' Norma remarked.

'Is it any wonder?' Captain Bill gasped. 'Couldn't you have broken the news to me in some other way?'

'I suppose I could have let Bertha tell you? She was quite keen to do so.'

'I retract my criticism,' said Captain Bill. 'But really! Camille let them go?'

'She said that she thought that even the most notorious pirates deserved a second chance. She also added that she needed to sell the vineyard and having a prison attached to it was affecting the price.'

'Hopeless!' Captain Bill mooed. 'Absolutely hopeless!.....Where are they now?'

'Well,  pirates don't tend to leave forwarding addresses,' Norma replied. 'I think the best we can say is that Flossie and his pirate flock are once again loose upon the high seas.'

'I knew something like this would happen. I said we shouldn't have gone on holiday.'

'But we're not on holiday!'

'You only have to mention the word and things start going wrong.'

'I really don't see a connection,' Norma said. 

'You're sure she let them go?'

Norma nodded.

'.........................................................I said we shouldn't have gone on holiday!'

'Are you just going to keep repeating that?' Norma asked.

'It's the shock,' Captain Bill replied. 'I'll be fine soon. I just don't need anything else to happen unexpectedly.'

And at that moment a postal bird unexpectedly hove into view.

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Armenoi said...

I hope the snail landed safely. Geraldine doesn't seem perturbed, unless she is meditating on the general troublesomeness of the bovine species. I did wonder what that was in the sky, a postal bird you say, hmmm...