Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Suspiciously suspicious

'You don't find it at all suspicious?' Norma asked.

Captain Bill peered towards the flyer that Norma had taped to the stick.

'Not really,' he said.

'Honestly?' Norma continued. 'Cow Island goes missing and shortly afterwards Camille receives an advert for and I quote, 'The High Seas newest chain of holiday islands'.'

'Could be coincidence,' Captain Bill suggested.

'Too much of one for me,' Bertha mooed.

'I too am sensing the sort of tres bizarre and rather awkwardly placed plot development for which your adventures 'ave become so renowned,' Camille added.

'And there's something about the font that they've used,' Bertha continued.

'It's called Spiffly Whiffly,' Horace called down.

'I thought it seemed quite positive,' said Norma. 'Sort of happy and upbeat.'

'I've never found much use for it,' Horace replied.

'And yet for some reason I am not convinced by it,' Camille added. 'I feel it 'as an 'int of latent evil about it.'

'So,' Norma began, 'Cow Island goes missing, a new chain of islands appears from nowhere, a flyer  is delivered which may or may not be using an evil font depending on your interpretation of it AND we now know that Flossie and his notorious pirate flock are no longer in captivity.'

'It all adds up!' Bertha nodded.

'Well, not for me it doesn't,' Captain Bill replied. 'I'd need more than just that. If you're asking me it's just coincidence. I'd want to see more evidence. Some sort of extra information, which in my opinion you're not going to get because there is absolutely no way we can glean any more about these new islands, not from that flyer, it's just beyond the bounds of reasonable possibility that we'll ever find out anything else.'

Blanche whispered something into Camille's ear.

'She says you could turn the flyer over and read the other side.'

'Oh yes!' said Norma.

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Gina said...

Ha!...It's definitely a "man" thing....can only see what is immediately in front of their eyes :D XXX