Friday, 17 June 2016


'PUT ME DOWN!' Captain Bill shouted.

Bertha thought for a moment.

'You're a terrible navigator,' she calmly replied.

'That is not what I meant!' Captain Bill continued, 'THIS IS MUTINY!'

'No need to shout,' Bertha said. 'You must be used to it by now and I'm not sure it is mutiny as this isn't our ship. I think it's more that you've had your turn to steer...and now it's mine!'

'You have tied me up in a net!'

'Again,' Bertha replied, 'it depends on how you view things. How are you viewing things from down there by the way? Perhaps I've just presented you with a leisure opportunity? A chance to relax from the tedium of command.'

'I am fine with being tedious!'

'Now,' Bertha pondered, 'which way to steer?'

'Do NOT change our course!'

'Shouting again! I'm going to take a wild guess that we may be heading...Not North?'

'Leave it!' Captain Bill mooed.

'And yet, to get to those islands we need to be heading East & West.'


'Maybe, if I turn this steering...'




'Ooops!' Bertha replied. 'Too late!'


Armenoi said...

So incredibly restrained for Bertha, though that is probably accounted for by us arriving too late to view the action and just after Bertha has got her own way, which brings us to her default mood of latent threatening sarcasm.

Gina said...

Lol...sarcasm is such an effective weapon when used with such finesse :D XXX