Thursday, 2 June 2016

When Horace said something vital

'Then I knocked it off again and jumped up and down on it,' Bertha replied.

'Hmm, hardly you at your most constructive,' said Norma.

Bertha shrugged her horns. 'I'd like to think it had a certain educational value.' she mooed.

'We should still make the effort to show him some respect.'

'If I had some for him I would,' said Bertha.

'Well, I've apologised to Camille about the towels and I've had a word with Cyril and Annie about behaviour in general.'

'I doubt it'll make any difference,' Bertha replied.

'I'll keep hoping,' said Norma. 'It's a very nice ship. I'd like to believe that it still will be by the time we leave it. All we need to do is treat it with respect.'

'That would be a first,' Bertha replied. 'But you're right about it being a nice ship, it feels very well balanced. I doubt it's very old.'

'They've only had it for six months apparently.'

'I'm surprised they have time for it,' said Horace.

'Sorry?' Norma replied.

'I said I'm surprised they have time for it,' Horace repeated.

'What do you mean?' Bertha asked.

'Well,' Horace continued, 'I would have thought they would have been kept too busy with trying to run a combined vineyard and prison to have much time left for sailing.'

And Norma and Bertha thought that that was a very good point indeed!

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Gina said...

Oh! who's watching the prison??? XXX