Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Where everyone is or will be

Captain Bill wandered up to the top of the slope so that he could be with the others.

'And so, if you were one of ma little students,' he heard Camille saying, 'I would be giving you a big gold star for your touristic disguise.'

'I was confident that it worked but it's always good to have a second opinion,' Bertha replied. 'And yourself, I notice that you've changed from a sophisticated Coral Candy to a cheap, trashy, Candy Coral.'

'So nice of you to notice,' Camille said, 'UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE!!!! Who shall remain nameless, CAPITAINE BILE!!'

Capitaine Bile wandered back down the slope so that he could be alone.

'And I notice that you 'ave with you.....?'

'Horace,' Bertha prompted.

'Yes, 'orace!'

'No, Horace!' Horace mooed.

'Which means that we are almost all back together,' Camille continued.

'Yes,' Bertha replied, 'I've not seen Norma for a while though.'

'I neither,' Camille agreed, 'but I am unconcerned, as I am confident that she will be taking care of 'erself.'

'No doubt the same can be said about Cyril,' Bertha replied, 'despite the little help that he offers and hopefully Annie might be with him...but even if she's not.'

'ELEPHANT!!!!!!!!!,' screamed a voice that was unmistakably Annie's.

'I doubt she'll be far away,' Bertha concluded.

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Gina said...

It's the little thins that make all the difference :D XXX