Saturday, 16 July 2016

A job for a brave captain

'Thanks for coming,' Norma said.

'I thought we were supposed to be staying hidden?' Captain Bill replied.

'We decided we needed to move,' Norma explained and then she mouthed the words 'don't ask'.


'I said don't ask,' Norma repeated.

Captain Bill shrugged his horns. 'So what is your captain required to do?

'We've got a plan,' Norma explained. 'Norman, myself, Camille and Geraldine will be working from here initially. Queen Phoebe, Horace and Bertha are going to cause a small diversion before Cyril and Annie play their part.

'While I just stand around in a shrunken captain's hat?'

'You will be fighting a duel and dying an 'eroic death,' Camille called across.

'Actually, I need you to help Cyril and Annie,' Norma said.

Captain Bill looked at Norma.

'No, really,' Norma continued. 'Come and look at this.'

So they did.

'It's a map of the pier,' Captain Bill said.

'This is where you'll be heading,' Norma replied and she pointed at a building on the pier.

'My rope museum!'

'Ah,' Norma mooed, ' was your rope's now a casino.'


'But we think they've kept the basic layout the same, which is why your knowledge will be important. Cyril will do most of what's necessary but I need you to get him into the building...and possibly back out again.'

'And fight a duel!' Camille added.

But all Captain Bill could do was stare at the map of the pier.

'My museum,' he groaned.

Then much later on.

'So,' Camille asked, 'why 'ave we moved 'ere?'

Norma looked around her to make sure no one could overhear.

'The Great Pencil was getting bored of drawing trees,' she whispered.

'Oh!' Camille replied.

The Great Pencil will now take a short break. CI will return on Friday 22nd.


Armenoi said...

True to form you leave your readers on the edge of the pier of anticipation.
Have a good rest (!). We will have a pencil sharpener ready for your return.

Gina said...

Nothing like boredom to get a story moving lol :D XXX