Monday, 4 July 2016

Always check with your elephant's employer

'So, the plan, should it be acceptable to your majesty, is to get Norman to ferry us across to Cow Island. It isn't very far and the water is quite shallow.'

'Consider him at your disposal,' Queen Phoebe replied.

'That's a kindness,' Norma smiled.

'And once we 'ave arrived?' Camille asked.

'We'll split up and, disguised as holidaymakers, we'll infiltrate their despicable piratey operation.' Norma replied.

'Hmm,' Camille mused, 'although I suspect it is just a feed for what passes as a joke, I am required to question your decision for us to split up. Do we 'ave to do so?'

'I'm afraid it's essential for two reasons,' Norma replied. 'Firstly, it will allow us to cover more ground and, secondly, it will make us easier to draw.'

My suspicions are confirmed!' Camille mooed.

'I have to say One is, in the common parlance,  up for it,' Queen Phoebe added.

'You're actually intending to come with us?' Norma queried.

'One hain't been spending all this time in hiding only to miss out on the exciting stuff.'

'Well,' Norma replied, 'I'm sure you'll be most welcome. But there may be a small matter of a disguise.'

'One is ready and prepared!'

'You are proposing to go like that?' Camille asked. 'We are supposed to be 'olidaymakers.'

'This IS what One wears on holiday,' Queen Phoebe replied. 'Just because One is relaxing don't mean One wants to be mistaken for a peasant!' 


Gina said...

Yep...those ermine cuffs are a dead give away :D XXX

Armenoi said...

Would that we were all as comfortable in our persona as Queen P.

Armenoi said...

P.S. I like the rain too. Don't tend to see that on Cow Island or King Otto's.