Saturday, 9 July 2016

Cyril: Cool, calm and in control

'And so, Monsieur Cyril, I thank you for noticing ma change in lipstick.'

'A pleasure,' Cyril replied and he doffed his bowler.

'But if I might move on to more serious things?' Norma interrupted. 'I suppose it would be asking too much for you to just let us know where you are and what you're up to on these occasions?'

'My right hand lady has been kept fully aware of all developments,' Cyril replied.

Geraldine lent over the top of Norma's hat and gave her umbrella a little shake.

'How foolish of me not to have guessed,' Norma sighed.

'No harm done,' Cyril replied. 'What did you think of the cake?'

'I felt that an unnecessary amount of the fruit 'ad sunk to the bottom but otherwise it was most enjoyable, with a fine texture and excellent all around flavour,' Camille commented.

'And you really didn't ask them to make it?' Norma asked.

'Hoof on heart,' Cyril replied. 'People underestimate bunnies.'

And at that very moment, as if you prove a point, a bunny hopped into view and presented itself before Cyril, where it proceeded to wiggle it's nose and groom it's ears.

''Hmm,' Cyril said, 'very kind of you to let me know.'

And he lent forward and kissed the bunny on the top of it's head.

'Genuinely,' Norma mooed, 'if I hadn't seen it....' 


Gina said...

See... we all knew Cyril had a softer side :D XXX

Armenoi said...