Monday, 11 July 2016

Hats off to success

'Of course I'm not happy,' Captain Bill mooed.

'I think it looks rather cute,' Norma replied.

'Cute!' Captain Bill squeaked. 'Cute is not what I aim for! A captain's hat is supposed to make him look....captainy. It is intended to both convey and reinforce his natural air of captainy authority....It is not required to make him look cute.'

'I'm sure Bertha wasn't expecting it to shrink.'

'Bertha could not care less! And look at me knitted can barely see which way is Not North.'

'I'll knit you a new one as soon as I have time, I promise, but we do need to talk about more important things.'

'I doubt very much whether anything else could be more important.'

'Well, we'll have to disagree on that then. Look, we may be back on Cow Island but we're a still a long way from defeating Flossie and this new information might be crucial in helping us achieve that.'

'And may I remind you how we came by this 'crucial' information.'

Norma sighed. 'I'm well aware of how it arrived.

'Cyril!' Captain Bill continued. 'Cyril, master spy extraordinaire and his new found chums from the highly trained warren of espionage bunnies!!!' 

'But still, if the information is accurate.'

'Not a word commonly associated with Cyril.'

'But if it is?'

'Then.....then I shall eat my hat!'

'Wouldn't be difficult,' Norma replied. 'It is bite sized.'

And Norma beat a hasty retreat.

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Gina said...

If Captn Bill doesn't want that snazzy hat I'll wear i :D XXX