Saturday, 2 July 2016

If only they'd listened to Captain Bill

'And guess why they were on the island in the first place?' Norma continued. 'They had been asked to carry out a survey by The Small Island Supply Company!'

'More piratey skulduggery!' Bertha mooed.

Norma nodded. 'Apparently King Otto had been buying quite a lot of things from them.'

'And you say Norman's not been able to send for help?' Bertha asked.

'There was no way of doing so,' Norma replied. 'So, we can't expect reinforcements to arrive.'

'Although King Otto must have noticed that his wife is missing by now,' Bertha suggested.

Norma came to a halt. 'That's true! If he has sent ships out to look for them then there's always a chance they'll appear.'

'Is there anything else worth knowing?'

'Norman said that since the holiday maker have started arriving the sheep haven't been out to the smaller islands anywhere near a much as before. Which means as long as we're careful we should be able to move around without much chance of being detected.'

'Then the next thing we'll need to do is work out how we're going to get across to Cow Island.'

'That's what I thought,' Norma said.

'Of course,' Captain Bill chipped in, 'this is all very much as I predicted but did anyone listen?'

And Bertha hit Captain Bill.

And Norma didn't try to stop her.


Gina said...

Some days the "respect" just isn't there is it :D XXX

Armenoi said...

I think Captain Bill should take up writing poetry; his tales of doom and woe would be epic.