Thursday, 14 July 2016

Pirate creche now open

'Hmm, I'd start with Far from the Madding Crowd, although The Woodlanders is a good read as well. Anyway, my reason for dropping by, I just wanted to say how much it's appreciated by myself and all of the flock,' Flossie explained. 'I know it's not what your used to.'

Hooky tapped lightly on the grass.

Flossie nodded. 'She's impressing everyone at the moment and she seems to be enjoying it. Lefty's moved her to 'Snacks' but I'm sure she'll cope. I think she's finishing about three so she should be coming by to pick them up shortly after that.'

Hooky tapped again.

'True, true,' Flossie replied, 'but that's why I think it's so important for the lambs to get a thorough grounding in traditional pirating skills. We may have to diversify off into new areas but it's pirating that holds us together and makes us who we are.'

Hooky tapped rather more heavily.

'Well, long term the aim would be to take the profit from this holiday scam and plough it into the purchase of a new, state of the art, ship so that we can make a return to high seas shenanigans. Believe me, while having the grass beneath my hooves is nice enough in a sheep based context, it's the pirate side of me, that yearns for the roll of a ship in a force 8, that will always win out.'

Hooky tapped once more.

'He's doing some paperwork, which reminds me, I promised that I'd catch up with him down at the casino. Drop by later yourself if you feel like it, I'll stand you a drink for this.'

And with that Flossie bade Hooky farewell and ambled off down the hill.

Although he hadn't got far before the sound of tapping made him halt.

'No,' he called back, 'you're thinking of Silas Marner...different author altogether!'


Gina said...

So important to get education started as early as possible...the first 2 years being especially so where imprinting is concerned :D XXX

Armenoi said...

Sometimes... just sometimes I start to take the sheep seriously. Very worrying.