Saturday, 23 July 2016

Pirate sheep in bow ties

'I say old chap, things in our frightfully wonderful new casino do seem to be...,' Flossie paused, ' it really World Don't Talk Like A Pirate Day?' he asked.

'It is indeed old boy,' Lefty replied.

'Then it would be churlish of me not to join in. Do please inform me of how things are progressing, Lefty, old thing.'

'I'm terribly pleased to report that everything is tip top and super,' Lefty bleated. 'Our dear little casino is proving to be the hit of the whole enterprise.'

'Top 'ole and no mistake,' Flossie replied.

'I expect that the profit from here could be buying us a new ship in next to no time.'

'Splendid! Would it be amiss of me to ask for confirmation that our security arrangements are just as first class as always?'

'Happy to do so, my dear,' Lefty replied. 'It's all very discrete of course but there are cameras inside and guards on continuous patrol around the building.'

'Nothing less than I would have expected, my dear ol.....No,' Flossie said as he shook his head, 'I can't keep it up. Har! Har! Me hearties, shiver me timbers etc, etc. By the way, enjoying the bow ties, a really nice touch.'

'Thought you might appreciate them and I've taken off my bandolier for a while as well. It just didn't fit the mood.'

'Your call,' Flossie replied. 'Well, this is well on its way to being our best scam yet. I can't see how it can possibly go wrong. The whole operation is running very smoothly and....' 

But at that moment Hooky ran in and tapped furiously onto the floor.

'What's that you say, Hooky?' Flossie gasped. 'There's a problem at the snack stand? You want us to follow you?'


Armenoi said...

I think I see a shadowy silhouette that I recognise *wink*

Gina said...

Luuuurve the bow ties...bow ties is cool....and the homage to Lassie(but don't tell hooky I called him Lassie) :D XXX