Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Slight change of plan

'Detained!!!' Norma gasped.

'That's what bunny number 237189 has reported,' Norman trumpeted.

'You think they 'ave been rumbled?' Camille asked.

'It's not clear,' Norman replied. 'I think it's more that the pirates are suspicious of them.'

'I blame myself,' Norma said. 'I should have insisted that Queen Phoebe took her crown off but she is royalty.'

'I am saying it is not your fault,' Camille mooed. 'They all knew the risks.'

'Perhaps,' Norma replied, 'but is wasn't a part of the plan that they got themselves detained. We need to decide what we're going to do now...and quickly.'

Geraldine hopped down from Norman's trunk and, using her umbrella, drew a picture into the grass.

'But 'ow do you envisage it working to our advantage?' Camille asked.

Geraldine drew another picture and waved her wings about.

'Genius!' Norman said and he picked up Geraldine and lifted her high into the air.

'But who will play the part?' Norma asked.

'I will!' Camille replied. 'And I shall take little Geraldine with me as well.'

'Then it's settled,' Norma said. 'Our small diversion becomes a big diversion!'

And they all went to high five each other.

But then they realised that none of them had five of anything so they just had a group hug.

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Gina said...

Geraldine is such a clever pengumin :D XXX