Saturday, 30 July 2016

Strictly come table dancing

'Ah, no!' Cyril sighed. 'See, you tiddled when you should have winked.'

The croupier looked decidedly nervous.

'Fluffy forfeit?' Annie mooed.

'Indeed!' Cyril agreed. 'Let's see.....I think you're going to owe us a great big pile of chips.'

'With bread and butter?' Annie asked.

'You can't have chips without,' Cyril said.

The croupier looked extra more nervous.

Annie waved her tail.

'Princess Annie?' Cyril smiled.

'Permission to dance?' Annie sang.

'I doubt there's ever been a better time,' Cyril replied.

So Annie climbed onto the table and did a most dainty dance and everyone applauded...and then Cyril got onto the table and they danced together and everyone applauded some more.

'Sorry about the table,' Cyril said when they had finished. 'Do you have another?'

And the visibly shaken croupier pointed towards another table.

'That'll do!' Cyril decided. 'Bring the chips!'

'They taste better,' Annie added, 'if you wrap them in newspaper.'

'Have you seen Captain I'venothadmyheadinflated?' Cyril asked as they ambled.

Annie had a rummage inside her head.

'I think he was hiding under the table,' she replied.

'Unfortunate,' Cyril conceded.


Gina said...

Oh why isn't there a video? Cyril and Annie doing a full paso doble ...10's all round me thinks :D XXX

Armenoi said...

Oh dear, nous Capitain will definitely not have been inflated now ;)