Friday, 15 July 2016

Tension building...poet pending.

Horace stood quietly looking at the ground.

'I think Camille was exaggerating ever so slightly,' Norma suggested.

'I don't see how the words 'heroic death' can be considered a slight exaggeration,' Horace mooed.

'Well, gross exaggeration then! As long as things go as planned I'm certain that there'll be very little danger.'


'No!' Norma interrupted. 'I'm sorry but everyone is going to have to play their part if we're going to wrestle Cow Island back and I can't afford any exceptions. You and Bertha and Queen Phoebe are in Team Snacks. Your diversionary role will be critical to the overall success. Bertha will brief you on what you need to do.'

Horace reverted to looking at the ground.

'Are you sulking?' Norma asked.

'........................................Camille kept my pencil.'

'Oh please!' Norma sighed. 'I'll ask her to give it back to you.'


'Well, when I've got time. I am really busy. There are vital bunny reports arriving every few minutes. They have to be assessed so the Geraldine can update the situations map and then...'

But at that moment Norma was stopped by Norman's trunk which appeared through the branches waving a piece of paper.

'See!' Norma continued, as she took the paper, 'Norman is so busy he doesn't even have time to be drawn properly.'

Horace glanced down at the ground again.

'Team Snacks,' he muttered.

'Thank you,' Norma replied.

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Gina said...

Poor Horace...people just don't realise how attached an artist is to his pencil ;) XXX