Monday, 25 July 2016

Who's the chap on the left?

'My rope!' Captain Bill wailed. 'My lovely rope!.......My rope!'

Annie leaned across toward Cyril.

'Is that Captain Eyepatch?' she asked and Cyril nodded. 'I was just checking,' Annie continued and she did a very brief dance.

'My rope!' Captain Bill repeated. '...............................Ruined!'

'Shame!' Cyril said.

'Don't you give me that,' Captain Bill snapped. 'As if you care! It probably all looks the same to you but this is my life's work. A collection built up over years, just cast out into the sand to rot. Don't you go pretending that it means anything to you.'

Cyril looked at the piece of rope that Captain Bill was holding.

'Seven strand,' he began, 'anticlockwise, twisty twisty, unless I'm very much mistaken...which I seldom am. Classic light yacht rope. Very rare these days.'

Captain Bill's mouth fell open.

'See,' Cyril continued, 'you make too many assumptions about me. You have my sympathies.'

'His hat seems very small,' Annie mooed.

'So it does,' Cyril replied.

'Ask him if he's had his head inflated.'

'Princess Annie would like to know if you've had your head inflated?'

'What?' Captain Bill replied. '.............NO!'

'He says 'NO!',' Cyril said.

'Who is he again?' Annie asked.

'Captain I'venothadmyheadinflated,' Cyril replied.

'Ooooooooooh!' Annie wondered. 'Most appropriate! Dance time!' she added and she did a longer dance. '.....tired now!'  

And she fell over into the sand.

'Right,' Cyril continued. 'Shall we be getting along? I sense it's hero time. I think we need to go......that way!'

And without waiting for the others he herded off toward the pier. 


Armenoi said...

I have thought it for sometime now but I should speak up...
Do you think Cyril would agree to be the next Bond? Just asking.

Armenoi said...

...and I just love the Helter Skelter, it's my favourite :)

Helen said...

Love Annie's t-shirt - I can definitely the potential for a line of Annie quote t-shirts

Helen said...
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Gina said...

*sigh*(flutters eyelashes) Sir Cyril is soooooooo handsome :D XXX