Monday, 8 August 2016

Can pirate sheep be reformed/

'They don't seem anywhere near as threatening when One gets up close to them,' Queen Phoebe mused.

'There's many a captain has made that mistake,' Norma replied. 'A pirate sheep should always be treated with caution.'

'I suppose so,' Queen Phoebe said.

'Are you sure you want to take them with you?' Norma asked.

'Well, they need to be detained for the safety of the law abiding public...and One does have plenty of spare dungeons......and it is One's hubby's birthday soon and was hasn't got him a prezzie yet.'

'I'm not sure you can wrap a pirate sheep?'

'Possibly not, but I'll get a servant to have a go.'

'And, despite my wariness about them, you won't be putting the lambs in a dungeon will you?'

'Not if they promise to behave. I did think they could help Norman with washing the castle windows. They are about the size of a sponge.'

'I'd like to think there's still a chance of reforming them, if they were treated well.'

'One will give it a bash!'

'And I do hope you have a safe and swift journey home. Give my regards to his kingshipfulness.'

'I shall. I have missed him so. Norman thinks we can sail home on one of the smaller islands, he's got it all worked out.

'Which only goes to prove,' Norma observed, 'that there is soooooooo much more to an elephant than just a trunk.'


Gina said...

I do hope Flossie and Lefty manage to rescue those little lambs before they get used as window washers! *though I suspect Norman would be very gentle with them* XXX

Armenoi said...

Boom boom!!