Monday, 1 August 2016

Harriet makes a decision

'Ma clients are not without sympathy,' Camille explained. 'A young mother, 'er lambs 'er only concern. She must provide for them or face poverty. In desperation she turns to a life of crime. Who among us cannot imagine such a thing 'appening?'

Queen Phoebe coughed.

'One is fine with the life of crime but I'm finding it tricky to imagine being poor. Perhaps if some short pamphlet could be provided? One could get a servant to read it and pass on the general gist.'

'I shall ask young Blanche to write 'er 'omework about it,' Camille replied. 'She is due to write a begging letter to 'er parents soon anyway.'

'Much obliged,' Queen Phoebe said.

'And so,' Camille continued, 'ma clients would like to be lenient. But a poet's stomach 'as been damaged. Is there a more serious crime? Will 'e ever be able to....'

'Get to the point!' Bertha mooed.

'Compensation!' Camille gasped. 'Some financial recompense. The return of a stolen island perhaps? In exchange for keeping a young mother from prison!'

Harriet seemed worried.

'A simple form to sign,' Camille said and she placed a sheet of parchment before Harriet.

Now Harriet would have preferred to have talked to Lefty or Flossie...but in their absence......and they had left her in charge.......and Lefty had got her to sign a lot of forms about health and safety.

So she signed.

'And now it only remains to set free ma clients from the prison, behind which they have lingered for too long. Once more they might see a sunrise. Once more they might see....'

'It's only a fence,' Bertha called out. 'I could have stepped across it ages ago. Hopefully all this has bought enough time for the others to get into position though?'

But at that moment Norma and Norman arrived. 

'This way!' Norma said. 'And quick about it!'


Armenoi said...

I must practice Camille's expression, it seems most effective, and rather intimidating.

Gina said...

Poor Harriet! How on earth did they expect he to cope all alone against such an adversary! XXX