Wednesday, 10 August 2016

It ends wiv luff and trifle

'And if you like that I'll make you a full sized one,' Cyril said.

Annie took a slurp through her straw.

'It's scrummy! How many strawbleberries did you put in?' she asked.

'All of them,' Cyril replied, 'and then some more.'

'Yippee!' Annie mooed. 'That's exactly what the recipe calls for. I may have a paddle in it later on.'

 'A brilliant idea!'

'And then I might have a nap....adventures are very tiring.'

'That's why you shouldn't go on them all that often,' Cyril replied. 'The excitement of them can get dangerously close to exercise and no good can come of that.'

'Wise words,' Annie said. 'From now on I shall only go on an adventure when there's a W in the month....and a Q.....and 4 Ms.'

And while you're waiting for Wqmmmmtober to come around?'

'Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?' Annie replied. 'I think I shall just have to busy myself with sleeping, strawbleberry trifle eating, paddling and counting my legs.'

'A perfect life!' Cyril mooed. 'I shall leave you to it.'

And Cyril made sure that Annie was well tucked in and then he made his way across the field...but he stopped every now and again to wave his tail and, at first, Annie waved back. But he hadn't got all that far before Annie had fallen asleep. Then Cyril wandered back, took a slurp of trifle, kissed Annie on her nose and then finally went on his way.

And so my friends another Cow Island story reaches its end. Thank you so much for reading, without you it is nothing. The cast will return at some point in the future...until then....much love.

The Great Pencil


Armenoi said...

Lovely fun - thank you. Please give them all hugs from me.


I will take Mr Pencil to task over one important detail. I have been told by the world's greatest authority on strawbleberry trifles, that the only suitable utensil for eating one (especially one of the calibre illustrated) is a tablespoon.

Until the next time - happy insanity.

Gina said...

Oh what a beautiful ending to such an exciting adventure....*sigh*
Thank you for the summer entertainment :D XXX