Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Picking the right game to play

Flossie and Lefty looked at Cyril, then at each other and then back at Cyril.

'He's almost broken the bank,' Lefty bleated.

Annie waved her tail to attract their attention.

'He's done it before,' she giggled.

'True!' Cyril said. 'And I have to admit it was entirely my own fault. I should have looked where I was sitting.'

'Did your bum look big in it?' Annie asked.

'I'd prefer the word 'pert',' Cyril replied. 'Right, one more game of tiddlywinks? Double or quits and free snogs for the winners?'

'Just a moment!' Flossie interrupted. 'Tis my casino! Har! Har!'

'Nicely done,' Lefty added, 'very piratey.'

'Ta!' Flossie replied. 'Tis my casino or rather the flocks, but no need to go into detail. Tis our casino and there'll be no more tiddlywinks...for it isn't a proper game!'

'Not a proper game!' Cyril exclaimed. 'Not a proper game! I'm hurt! I've a half a mind to get Princess Annie to challenge you to a duel.'

'Innuendo at twenty paces?' Annie suggested.

'And that could make your eyes water,' Cyril mooed.

'Makes no difference,' Flossie replied. 'There'll be no more tiddlywinks here!'

Dominos?' Cyril said.

Lefty shook his head.

'Snakes and ladders?' Cyril continued. 'Skittles? Shove ha'penny?'

But Flossie and Lefty shook theirs heads to every one.

'How about,' Cyril ventured, 'how about.........a game of steal the island?'

Flossie looked at Lefty, Lefty looked at Flossie.

'Time to leave!' said Flossie.

And they ran toward to door.


Armenoi said...

So suede.

Gina said...

*swoon*...Sir Cyril was so obviously the original inspiration for Flemmings Bond...so suave...so devious...so "pert"! :D XXX