Wednesday, 3 August 2016

This way please!

'We really do need to hurry!' Norma called back.

'But what is 'appening?' Camille asked.

'We're not sure,' Norma replied. 'The bunnies have reported that there's a lot of commotion outside the casino and people are leaving the island.'

'But I thought nothing was supposed to 'appen until much later on?'

'I have a suspicion,' Norma explained, 'that Cyril may not have stuck to the script.'

'No surprise there then,' Bertha added.

'Perhaps,' Camille suggested, 'ma brave Captaine Bile has challenged everyone to a duel?'

'Well,' Norma replied, 'while it would be wrong to rule that out without knowing for sure...'

'I can see it all,' Camille continued, 'a slight was made to ma name, a rush of blood to 'is horns, he fights to defend ma honour.'

'Sometimes a worry about you,' Bertha mooed.

'You 'ave to 'ave 'ope,' Camille replied.

'We'll find out soon enough,' Norma said.

'WAIT FOR ME!!!!' called out Queen Phoebe, from a long way back.

'Should we?' Camille asked.

'And miss a fight!' Bertha replied. 


Gina said... and Camille...we have so much confidence in the actions of our own worlds :D XXX

Armenoi said...

Cyril?... Fight?... That would be a first.