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Really rather important news

Captain Bill drew in a long deep breath.  Gentle Spring sunshine warmed his horns and a bee buzzed lazily around his tail hat. He watched with growing sense of unease as Norma herded toward him.

'Wonderful news!' she cried.

'Bertha's fallen off a cliff?' suggested Captain Bill.

Norma sighed, 'Do you have to be like that?'

Captain Bill thought for a while. '.........................Probably,' he replied. 'So, what is it really, this wonderful news for which we shall all be truly grateful?'

'It's The Great Pencil,' replied Norma, 'he's had it!'

'Well, I've been saying that for years.'

'I mean,' said Norma, 'that he's finally had an idea for our next adventure!'

Captain Bill felt slightly ill.

'So we can all be together again,' added Norma.

'Excuse me while I spontaneously explode with excitement,' muttered Captain Bill.

'I'm sure you'll enjoy it once we get going,' replied Norma.

Captain Bill stared at Norma. 'And the plot?' he asked.

'Well, he wasn't clear about that,' mooed Norma. 'Possibly some of the finer detail still needs to be sorted out.'

'Like what happens, where it happens and when it happens?'

'Those sort of things,' nodded Norma. 'But it's good news none the less. I can't wait to tell the others. I just need to find them.'

'I believe,' replied Captain Bill, 'although I have no idea why, that Annie is in that tree over yonder,' and he pointed with his tail.

'AARRRRRGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!' screamed Annie.

'Was in that tree over yonder,' corrected Captain Bill.

And Norma hurried off toward Annie.

'Hopeless,' said Captain Bill. 'Absolutely hopeless!'



baa said…
Can’t wait!! 2019 just ended though *waits*