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Where is everyone?

'It's getting dark,' Captain Bill observed.

'So it is,' Norma replied.

'I'll give them 5 more minutes.'

'That's kind of you,' Norma suggested.

Captain Bill nodded in agreement.

'I don't want them to miss out,' he finally replied. 'I really thought they'd want to be here.'

'I do know that Horace is too busy though,' Norma explained. 'He's got a poem that he's trying to finish.'

'Oh!' Captain Bill mooed. 'Struggling is he?'

'He said he's not feeling depressed enough to really tackle it,' Norma replied. 'And Cyril and Annie are having a 'Who can eat the most trifle' competition.'

Captain Bill looked puzzled. 'Didn't they have that a couple of months ago?' he asked.

'It's the same one,' Norma replied. 'They're both very keen on winning.'

'Oh!' Captain Bill mooed for the second time.

'And that just leaves...Bertha.' Norma muttered.

Captain Bill's horns furrowed.

'You know she's still very angry with you?' Norma continued.

'Nothing new there,' Captain Bill replied. 'Her capacity for anger never ceases to amaze. All because I left a few leaflets at the library to advertise the event.'

'She says you broke into the library when she wasn't there and stapled 7,495 flyers to her desk.'

'Just like her to count them,' Captain Bill said. 'You'd think she'd appreciate someone showing an interest in the library but no...'

'The point is she won't becoming either, so perhaps you should start? There isn't anyone else to wait for.'

At which point Geraldine arrived at the entrance to the marquee and Norma felt very embarrassed.

'HA!' Captain Bill exclaimed.

And they watched as Geraldine paused, looked around, and then walked back out.

'Oh!' Captain Bill said for the third time.