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A Matter Of Honour

'So how was Her Maj?' Flossie asked.

'Hmm,' Lefty replied, 'not sure. I think it'll be OK. I have explained that he's not really her champion and we can put a disclaimer in the credits if she likes.'

'Good idea!' Flossie said. 'Quick thinking as always.'

'Anyway,' Lefty continued, 'we may have bigger things to worry about.'

And he passed Flossie a long thin piece of paper.

'HOW MUCH!!!!!!' Flossie bleated.

'That's what I said,' Lefty replied.

'It's outrageous! It can't be right?'

'I've asked them to check. It's well beyond what I've budgeted for.'

'I'm not surprised,' Flossie replied as he scanned the bill. 'There's one entry here alone for 315 trifles!'

'Must be a typo,' Lefty said.

'Needs to be,' Flossie replied. 'We can't afford that! Of all the things that could go wrong....'

'We could....we could refuse to pay?' Lefty suggested.

Flossie looked hard at Lefty. 

'You know as well as I do,' he began.

'Just a thought,' Lefty replied.

'No,' Flossie bleated, 'I couldn't do it. You know the pirate code better than anyone. It's what we live by. It makes us who we are. Robbery, mayhem, violence, blackmail, extortion, fraud, smuggling, these things and more are allowed.......but a catering bill has to be honoured!'

'Well, better hope it's an error then,' Lefty replied. 'If it isn't we'll be bankrupt in a week.'