Monday, 22 June 2009

Fun with royalty

Right, 'ello, Queen Phoebe here doing a special Royal blog, so do stand up when you're being spoken down to!

Now to start with, my hubby, King Otto - that's 'im over there, aint he lovely, who could resist 'im? - he is the best King there's ever been and you're jolly lucky to have 'im!

Next, people with prezzies can leave them with a flunky; people without prezzies can go with one of the pointy spear chappies to a place where they can buy some - and DO wrap them up, only His Little Crownness loves a bit of crinkly paper and a bow.

Finally, we is 'ere to do the draw for the first round of the 'King Otto Grand Challenge Rowing Regatta... thing. Anyway, it's something like that and it's practically a charity so the press can jolly well write something nice for a change. You're quick enough to get it on the front page when it all goes a bit pear shaped, so you can flipping well make the effort now!

Right 'ere we go, eyes down for a full kingdom... First out the rolly around thingy... number 26 'Very, Very Rich University' versus... number 4 'A Different Very, Very Rich University'. Hmm, could be a bit of paddle hurling in that one methinks! Next... number 13 'Team Cow Island' versus... number 7... be continued... in the next blog.

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Julie @ Latherati Soap Foundry said...

Love your cows! Beautiful art and funny stories...thanks for the morning laugh ;-)